How to get rid of Ceiling Mold

If you have a smaller sized bathroom with a shower you most likely will encounter this problem at some point. It starts out as a yellowing spot on your ceiling and turns into dark mold spots. It is very ugly to look at but is not caused by uncleanliness as some would assume. The cause of this problem is condensing water from taking hot showers which collect on your ceiling and if it is not a very well ventilated room it will cause your wet ceiling to start growing mold spots.


How to fix it…

In most cases where the customer already made up their mind that they want to repaint the entire bathroom I will go ahead and use a oil based primer such as Killz™  ,let it dry and apply 2 coats of good quality ceiling paint.

However, if I see that the customer is unsure and does not want to repaint everything I suggest using a 50/50  water and Bleach mix.  (I use 16 ounces of water to 16 ounces of bleach in a spray bottle) Spray your mixture directly on the stains and always wear the proper protection such as long sleeves and protective glasses. Let it sit for ca. 5 minutes and use a wet rag to wipe down your ceiling.




After cleaning your ceiling it should look almost like new. It is is possible that new stains will grow eventually. You will not be able to avoid this unless you find a better way to ventilate your bathroom during showers unfortunately. But it is a  effective solution to your problem and a cheap substitute to repainting your bathroom ceiling.



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